Water Supply & Drainage Division


“Different Tanks For Didfferent Needs”

One size and style does not fit all. At Sekisui we have consistently listened and responded to the demands of our customers who desire special products for special situations.

F-Panel Tanks

photo: F-panel Tanks

Sekisui tanks using GRP panels are Sekisui's most important product.

GRP stands for Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester and is also sometimes referred to as FRP.
The use of glassfibre for reinforcement results in a strong product which excels in resiliency.

Standard Design Specifications
Design Life 15 years
Normal Maximum
Hydrostatic Pressure
Tank Height Hydrostatic Pressure
1.0mH 9.8kPa (0.10kgf/cm2)
1.5mH 14.7kPa (0.15kgf/cm2)
2.0mH 19.6kPa (0.20kgf/cm2)
2.5mH 24.5kPa (0.25kgf/cm2)
3.0mH 29.4kPa (0.30kgf/cm2)
3.5mH 34.3kPa (0.35kgf/cm2)
4.0mH 39.2kPa (0.40kgf/cm2)
Horizontal Seismic Co-efficient 0.3G, 2/3G, 1.0G, 1.5G, 2.0G
Wind Load Wind speed 60m/sec
Snow Load 588Pa (60kgf/cm2) (Snow depth: 0.3m)

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