Water Supply & Drainage Division


A Superior Water Storage Tank Can Not Be Built With Great Panels Alone.

At Sekisui, our peripheral products and accessories are also of the highest quality, playing a key role in ensuring the best protection of the water they help contain.


One of the main reasons for the contamination of stored water is the introduction of rust generated from the materials used in the tank. Sekisui employs the utmost caution and the latest technology in designing parts that protect water from rust contamination.

photo. Assembly Bolt Material
Assembly Bolt Material
  • Galvanised Steel (standard)
  • Stainless Steel (option)

Sealing Materials

Sekisui guarantees superior sealing performance from the gaskets and seals we use in our tanks.

  • illust. Flat Gasket
    Flat Gasket
  • illust. T-Gasket
  • illust. Three-Way Gasket
    Three-Way Gasket
  • illust. Seal (adhesive type)
    Seal (adhesive type)
photo. PVC Nozzle (Flange Type)
PVC Nozzle (Flange Type)
  • Size: 20A - 150A
  • Standards: JIS10K
photo. FC Nozzle (Male Threaded Type)
FC Nozzle (Male Threaded Type)
  • Size: 20A - 150A
  • Standards: JIS10K
photo. Gun Metal Nozzle (Screwed Type)
Gun Metal Nozzle (Screwed Type)
Size: 13A - 80A
photo. Air Vent
Air Vent
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 50A x 180mmH
  • Size: 100A x 210mmH
photo. Assembly Bolt
Assembly Bolt
  • Material: Zinc Plated Mild Steel
  • Size: 10mm
photo. Electrode Seat And Cover
Electrode Seat And Cover
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 50A
Internal Ladder
Material: uPVC
External Ladder
Material: Hot-dip Galvanised Coating

Effective Capacity with TX Panels

illust. Effective Capacity with TX Panels

These panels are ideal when maximum water capacity is required. In addition to 1 x 1 meter panels, 1 x 2 meter panels are also available.

Balancing Valve

photo: Balancing Valve

This is a built-in valve for use in maintaining water balance inside dual compartment tanks. This valve offers a space-saving design with no external piping, thereby providing total cost reduction and easy installation. It is hygienic and superior in durability with an effective 150A large diameter portal.

Emergency Shutoff Valve

photo: Emergency Shutoff Valve

The Sekisui emergency shut-off valve is a built-in device designed to safeguard your water supply during earthquakes and other catastrophic situations. This valve cuts off flow from the tank when the pipeline becomes damaged or broken.

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